Even in waiting, we follow Christ

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Waiting focuses our gift of self to God and others in all circumstances. We are doing the mission of Christ wherever we happen to be, in the very situation we are in, and especially the very place we wait.

From inside a cave, a blue sky is visible

What is almsgiving and how does this practice reflect God's love?

In this #Nunday video, Sister Mary Ellen Burns, ASCJ, shares her thoughts on almsgiving and how she's grown from giving coins from her pocket to giving God's love from her heart.

Finding God's love through Almsgiving

What's the purpose of fasting during Lent?

In this #Nunday video, Sister Julie Myers, OSF, shares her experience of fasting during Lent and how it has transformed her own spiritual life.

Purpose of fasting during Lent

Lent 2023, Holy Week: Generosity

Tools and resources for Holy Week.

Lent 2023 generosity

Lent 2023, Week 5: Persistence

Tools and resources for your Laetare Sunday and the rest of the fourth week of Lent.

Lent 2023 persistence