New visions of religious vows: poverty, chastity, obedience — and more?

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If you were designing religious life anew for our day and time, would you invent another vow? What would it be and why?

Students from Siena Heights and Barry Universities plant a rain garden in the Adrian Dominicans' permaculture gardens as part of the Environmental Leadership Education program

Embracing the gifts and navigating the pitfalls of social media

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Catholic sisters embrace the gifts and navigate the pitfalls of social media.

Catholic sisters embrace the gifts, navigate the pitfalls of social media

And the Winner is...

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In celebrating the 15th Anniversary of this ministry, we thought it would be fun to create a list of the top 15 blogs defined as our “fan favorites”! In fact, we clearly have a #1 fan favorite!

The top 15 blogs of A Nun's Life Ministry

What's your favorite?

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The most downloaded podcast is a definite Fan-Fav with thousands of downloads. This #1 favorite, recorded in 2014, is...

top 15 favorite podcasts

The vow of chastity—a unique witness to society

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Perhaps the most misunderstood of the three traditional vows religious women take, the vow of chastity often raises questions.

Sisters living the vow of chastity