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“What’s it like to be a Catholic sister?”

We receive questions like this nearly every day. There a real hunger out there for connection and communication with women in religious life, yet so many seekers have no idea of where to turn for answers, no personal contact with actual living, breathing Catholic sisters! That’s why we created A Nun’s Life Ministry. We began the ministry in 2006 as a way to reach out on the internet primarily via a blog and podcasts. The ministry quickly expanded to a full-featured website with daily prayer podcasts, weekly discussion webcasts, a lively chat room, and visitors’ forums where people raise a wide array of topics, such as how to grow in faith, applying scripture in everyday life, and what it means to be church. Using social media and internet technologies we interact daily with people from around the world.

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We invite you or your organization to connect with this thoughtful and engaged audience of Catholic women and men through sponsorship of A Nun’s Life Ministry and programming. As A Nun’s Life Sponsor, you will be saying yes to our vibrant ministry and providing much-needed financial assistance as we broaden our connections with religious seekers in the digital age.

Showing your support of our ministry to our inquiring, spirit-filled audience also helps your organization gain visibility and fulfill its own outreach and evangelization goals. You will receive our generous thanks and recognition in our ministry (unless, of course, you prefer to remain anonymous). And you will be in good company. Catholic women and men of all stripes—in religious life and contemplating religious life, questioning their faith or deepening their ties with Catholicism—participate in our ministry. Program guests representing more than 60 institutes or organizations have joined us, with more participating every month. In addition, aNunsLife.org features links to the blogs of nearly 100 religious communities and organizations.

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In gratitude for your generous sponsorship support, we offer a variety of benefits to choose from as an annual sponsor of A Nun’s Life Ministry. And please do not let limited resources stand in the way of your responding to this invitation—we are grateful for all levels and kinds of support—spiritual and material! For more information, visit our Sponsorship Benefits page.

Help support this hospitable place for exploring religious questions

People come to A Nun’s Life Ministry looking for insight into complex issues. They want to talk to others and explore questions of meaning, direction, and purpose within the context of faith and community. They choose to do so at A Nun’s Life because they trust Catholic sisters and nuns and believe that the tradition of religious life has much to offer for their own lives. They also have the opportunity not only to learn about sisters and nuns but to interact with people in religious life directly, in real time via live webcasts, podcasts, chats, and other forms of media. A Nun’s Life Ministry truly puts the “social” in social media!

Independent and committed to promoting vocations and diverse forms of religious life

We continue to position the ministry for the future by staying on the cutting edge of new technologies. And as an independent not-for-profit (501c3) organization, we are free to partner with companies, foundations, and like-minded organizations to advance the mission, offer a pastoral online presence, and promote a diversity of vocations.

But innovation requires resources, and that is why we are asking for your financial as well as spiritual support. Please consider becoming a sponsor of A Nun’s Life Ministry so that we can continue to fulfill the two-fold mission of the ministry:

  • To help people discover where they are called and grow in their vocation by engaging questions about God, faith, and religious life; and
  • To show the diversity of religious life from the perspectives of those who live it.

It is our great joy to be of service to the church and religious life through A Nun’s Life Ministry. It is a new moment for the ministry, and we look forward to working together with you in mission and ministry!