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What is our WHY? What drives our mission and vision? The answer is simple - YOU! The online visitors, our friends, our supporters, and every single person that discovers our ministry! We are here for YOU!

And it is the testimonials from so many people throughout the years that inspire us and give us strength to keep going - to keep creating the content that has brought so much joy, hope, and inspiration to people from around the world! The comments below sincerely touch our hearts and fill us with so much goodness! We hope by sharing them, you will feel the joy and peace that the ministry is bringing to people. To those that have shared these messages with us - we THANK YOU!

Sr. Angela and Sr. MariaAt A Nun’s Life, I have found an online community for prayer, friendship, and sharing, at the same time discovering more concretely that sisters, nuns, and religious were not only normal and very grounded… though occasionally mad as a hatter! This amazing community has also provided me the additional support in saying yes to my vocation and embracing it more strongly.” – Cherylene

“I found A Nun’s Life Ministry online and started to listen to the podcasts of Sister Julie and Sister Maxine. I was struck by their openness about their lives, by their humor and good common sense.” – Stefan

“A Nun's Life provided me with a safe place to explore my vocation, to get my many questions answered, and to have unfailing prayer support and encouragement along the way. I can honestly say that this ministry has been instrumental in leading me to where I am today and has also given me beautiful friendships and companions on the journey.” – Melissa

“A Nun’s Life, for me, is a real community. We are able to share our joys and sorrows and questions about religious life, our faith, or our relationship with God.” – Sister Christine

"I love your website and podcasts! You do such a good job of representing the wide variety of religious communities and sharing the stories of religious women with the world!" - A Communicator for the Sisters of the Good Shepherd

“It is by God’s grace that I found A Nun’s Life ministry. I was traveling in Boston on my birthday and was searching for podcasts. God led me to A Nun’s Life Ministry. I remember thinking while listening to Sister Julie Viera and Sister Maxine that these Sisters were so loving and accepting, and fun. It was after the first podcast that I felt God say ‘that’s next for you.’ I looked around the car to see if I had some mysterious passenger because there is no way God was talking to me! Sister ShubaOver the next few months, I listened to several years of podcasts (starting with the first one when they were in NYC,) and thinking these Sisters are so loving and accepting. I loved the questions and answers because the questions were often from people who are troubled and wondering about the restrictions or limitations of God’s love (questions from having tattoos, or much more serious “sins” the callers felt they committed.) The answers from Sister Max and Sister Julie were filled with such love, grace, and mercy. I had the great blessing of meeting Sister Max and Sister Julie (and they are always available via email whenever I had questions.) When asked how I would know which was the right community for me, the Sisters responded that I would know in my heart where I felt home. They were absolutely correct. Coming from the corporate world, and being a later vocation, meeting Sister Max gave me such hope and a wonderful role model. I could relate to Sister Max, and knew she could relate to me. There is a joy in the podcasts, and in the ministry that is palpable and infectious. It has been my great honor and privilege to be connected with A Nun’s Life Ministry. In this time of struggle for the Catholic Church, and for our world, A Nun’s Life Ministry is a beacon of light and life. The love the Sisters share and provide, without judgment, is a wonderful incarnation of Christ to this world, and I am so grateful. A Nun’s Life Ministry is in my daily prayers, and I pray God will bless the Ministry and the Sisters and team for many decades. Thank you for making a difference in my life!” – Sister Subha

“I have been listening to and have been inspired by A Nun's Life Ministry podcasts since 2008! Thank you for all you do to invite your listener's into a deeper response to God's action and presence in our lives and world.” – Sr. Eileen

“Words cannot express how much your website has played a part in my discerning and also in clarifications. Grateful and happy!!” – C.B.

“A Nun’s Life Ministry springs from such a broad vision. It offers a multi-faceted understanding of religious life to the online world and anyone is welcome to benefit from all that is on their website.” – Kate

Thank You Heart“Thank you all so much for everything you do!” – Laura

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your program. We have found your interviews to be so moving and the caliber of your guest to be impactful in adding strength to our own Catholic Faith. Please keep us in your prayers we just wanted you to know your hard work is making a difference in our lives. – Marty and Diane 

“Thank you sisters for your dedication and wonderful ministries!” – Patricia

“Your podcasts are a regular part of my week even though I am not a Catholic. You rock, Sister Maxine!” – Susan

“Thank you Sisters! I love In Good Faith so much and also the Global Sister interviews. Sr. Maxine your interview skills are so excellent. I always love hearing the discernment stories too. The bee podcast was sooooo interesting! I am a PA and I find it so relaxing to listen but I also really have appreciated the social justice stories too to broaden my awareness. Thank you!” – Mary

“I have followed A Nun's Life since the first Sister Julie was featured on the CBS Evening News! Thank you for creating such a supportive, faith-filled site! God bless you!” – Jacqueline

“Thank you for all you do. I absolutely love your ministry. Thank you again.” – Elizabeth

A Nun's Life Podcasts“I really enjoy the website and the podcasts. May God continue to bless you all and your ministry.” – Adrianne 

“I’ve been listening to the Nun’s Life podcasts and they have truly been lifesaving. This has been a hard time for everyone, no doubt, and some days here are harder than others, helping our patients manage illness, poverty, joblessness, and desperation. Many days I get up really early so I have time to myself and drive either to the Gulf or to the bay and lose myself in the stories of sisters who, long before the pandemic, have devoted themselves to social justice and other vital causes. Sister Maxine’s calm voice and direct questions are so soothing for me. This morning I’m at the bay and just finished IGF40, the interview with Sister Michele Morek. No matter how different their lives are from mine I always find a common connection with each of the sisters.  It’s also great to remember that someone I know—you—is making these times of hopeful connection happen. I’m so grateful for the important work you do. Please know the positive impact your work is having on my life.” – Cindy 

“Thank you, to all, and may God Bless You! Your inspiration is beyond words...” – Candice

“Thanks to all of you at Nun’s Life for your good work and generous spirit.  I am greatly thankful.” – Sue

"When I have a young woman who expresses interest in religious life, I send her first to the A Nun's Life website. Your wealth of resources is amazing, user-friendly, and accessible to all. Thank you so much!" - A Campus Ministry

Now it's your turn. How has the ministry impacted your life? We would love to hear from you! Please leave your testimonial in the comment thread below! 

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