I’ve been pondering the connection between faith and food lately.

rhubarb custard pieEven as I write this, I can almost taste my grandma’s rhubarb custard pie. If you’re not a fan of rhubarb, the pure beauty of this pie may be a mystery. But for me, the pie is a symbol of love and the goodness of God’s creation. My grandma used fresh ingredients in her pies – she grew her own rhubarb and used fresh local milk and eggs. She made her own pie crusts (hold onto your cholesterol – yep, she used lard to get that golden crust). The result was creamy sweetness with just enough zest from the rhubarb for an interesting contrast. Only love can produce something that good.

The aroma of pie baking in the oven was like a magnet to anyone nearby, drawing them into the kitchen and into conversation. Baking pie and building relationships – two of my grandma’s legacies to the world, and I am deeply grateful for them and for her.

What’s your favorite food? How does it relate to your faith? Share your observations about faith and food in the comment box below!

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