While surfing around the Internet I came across the mini series “Body & Soul” which was shown on Public Television Stations in 1993. Here’s a plot summary:

Body & Soul BookA nun, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, leaves the convent temporarily to help save her family knitting mill from bankruptcy following the death of her brother. Outside the convent she becomes a fairly shrewd businesswoman and feels attracted to one of the men who work at the mill, and thus begins to feel conflict about her religious vows. (Amazon.com)

As many films about struggles that nuns face, this one ends in Sister Gabriel leaving the convent. The plot does actually sound rather intriguing though I’m not sure how well it accurately conveys religious life. Has anyone seen this mini series?

What I really like is this bus station poster advertising the mini series. It shows a nun in full habit showing some leg … I guess the artist intended it as symbolic of the nun’s struggle or to show that she is still a woman underneath the nun garb.