The New York Times has another article that features a sister. “Devoted Fan Pursues Higher Calling” (September 4, 2006) by Jack Curry is about Sister Marian, a Dominican Sister of Hawthorn, New York. In the article, Curry talks about Sister Marian’s great love of Braves baseball which developed when she worked at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cancer Home in Atlanta. The home is just blocks away from Turner Field.

Sister Marian currently works in Manhattan at St. Rose’s Home where she cares for people who are terminally ill. Although Sister Marian’s devotion to the Braves made for an interesting and enjoyable article, the real story is Sister Marian’s devotion to caring for people. What a remarkable lady. In the article, Sister Marian describes her work:

“We must make our guests glad they crossed the threshold that is to be their last boundary. We must love them.”

Bobby Dews, the bullpen coach for the Braves in 1999, met Sister Marian after visiting Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cancer Center. He had this to say:

“To know there’s somebody like her and what she does on a daily basis, it makes you appreciate life more. It’s just an incredible feeling to know there are people, earthly people, who care about us the way God does.”

Sister Marian makes me very proud to belong to the sisterhood.

Check out the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorn Web site.