Disturb Definition by A Nun's LifeGot a vocation? What does that even mean?! If someone said that to me in my pre-nun days, I would have been like, whhaaa? Even now with a number of nun years behind me, I find that question about being aware of my vocation to be, well, disturbing!

Vocational stuff should be disturbing ... in the best of ways! To be disturbed means that God has got our attention! We are aware! We are awake to God's call! Now that doesn't necessarily mean we know what that call is or what our next steps are, but being aware is such a critical step!

What do you do when you are "disturbed"?

  1. Thank God.
    "So I'm not sure what you are doing there, God, but thanks for waking me up!"
  2. Ask God what to do -- God is GOD after all.
    "Super cool on the whole calling thing, God, but exactly how do I move forward? Please guide my steps."
  3. Relax.
    "My mind and heart are going a mile a minute, but I can rest assured that God's got this."
  4. Chat it out.
    "Hello <insert trust friend/mentor>? You got time for coffee? I'd love to check in with you about a couple things. What things? Oh not much, just a life-changing event is all."
  5. Explore and see what fuels your attraction and what diminishes it.
    "This stuff on Saint Teresa of Avila is A-MAZ-ING! I have to read more!" "Sword fights? Meh, whatever."

Be assured of our prayers and the prayers of all sisters and nuns, monks and brothers, hermits and consecrated virgins, lay and ordained as you open yourself to God's calling in your life -- wherever it may take you!