Today we have a special guest blog post from our friend Karol Bartlett.

Phone CallA few weeks back, a call came into the convent hotline from a woman who had a very real concern that she might have missed God’s call. I remember laughing when I read that was going to be one of the topics for that week’s edition of Ask Sister. I laughed because my immediate response was and for the most part still is – “Don’t worry – God will call back!” After all – God always calls back, one way or another!

But here it is several weeks after that podcast, and I am still thinking about the topic! The God that I have come to accept in my life will always call back. That said, I am also my own answering machine, and after checking the caller ID feature, I often let calls – from real telephones and those that come more spiritually – go to my answering machine because I don’t want to deal with whoever and whatever the call is about. The problem is that at some point I have to listen to those calls or choose to pick-up and take some kind of action.

God knows that I can find a million and one things to do to avoid listening for the call – no matter how or when that call comes to me. But God also knows how to get through to me anyway in one of those million and one things I find to do. For me, the important thing is not to fear that I have somehow missed God’s call but to accept that I have chosen to miss quite a few of those calls! The action for me, then, is to cherish the call I do listen to and let that call become a defining moment in my walk forward in life. For me, those defining moments are the palette of paints that is God’s gift of the ever-developing painting of me and how I live in Gods world.

God doesn’t give up just because I have missed a call. If anything, God has found ways to reach me when I thought I was really unreachable! God’s call can come to me while I walk in the park and hear the small voice of a Ruby Crowned Kinglet or boom at me via the thunder that happens immediately after the flash of lightning that tells me the storm is “right over you!” God has found a way to get through to me without having to go through the telephone, and worse, the answering machine!

Feeling like you missed God’s call? Ask yourself if you are open enough to “hear” it and trust that God will call back.