Ocean and HorizonToday is the first day of Lent, one of the major feast days of the Church. Traditionally it has been a time of “repentance.” It is not a time for guilt-inducement, to think about all the things we’ve done wrong or could have done better and feel bad. It’s an opportunity to look at our life in relationship with God, and make some real and positive change.

One of the practices that I’ve heard people say they’ll be doing this Lent that appeals to me is to greatly reduce multitasking. They’ve talked about it as being being present to one thing at a time. For example, to not read a book while watching TV and checking Facebook messages. For me, the focus will be on reducing “mental multitasking,” so that when I spend extra time talking with someone, I’m not also, in the back of my mind, worrying about phone calls I have to make, the paperwork piling up on my desk, and the meetings I need to prepare for. I will repent of my distractions.

It would be a way to make a fresh start, to begin again. Lent gives us this opportunity to reinvent, to recreate ourselves into the persons that we are called to be by virtue of our baptism. It is an opportunity to tap into that which makes us most uniquely and fully who we are.

And we do not so this alone. With us is our Christian community and the communion of saints and holy people who have gone before us “marked with the sign of faith.”

Let us keep one another in prayer during this sacred season. If you would like the A Nun’s Life community to join in prayer for persons or situations in need of a sacred reinvention, please comment below.