Follow the nuns on their adventure in Spain as they prepared for, traveled to, and explored Spain and celebrated World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid! They were the only nuns broadcasting live to a worldwide audience from inside the WYD celebrations!

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Broadcasting Nuns go to World Youth Day in Madrid
Nuns in Spain Day 1: Prepare Thyself, Sister
Nuns in Spain Day 2: The nuns broadcast live from World Youth Day in Madrid!
Nuns in Spain Day 3: WYD Madrid 2011 Vocational Expo
Nuns in Spain Day 4: Broadcasting live from WYD Papal Welcome!

Kicked it with the Nuns at WYD 2011eNewsletter

August 13, 2011: Nuns in Spain — Arrival
August 15, 2011: Nuns in Spain — Avila
August 17, 2011: Nuns in Spain – WYD Madrid

Thank you for spreading the word to your peeps, your parish, your public relations person, your pets, and your peleton … the Broadcasting Nuns rocked it in Spain at WYD!