Tool BoxWe all have one at home. It’s the place you go to find that “something” that will “work” to do whatever job you are doing and need to fix. It may be the junk drawer, tackle box, first-aid kit, art supply box, tool belt, purse, wallet, backpack, tool box, sewing kit, or the top drawer on the right. Wherever it is and whatever its’ called you know that you will find just the thing to help you “fix” something in a pinch.

Those places are great for when you are trying to fix a material thing. But where do you go to help you get through a spiritual pinch? Those times when the moments of the day are too long, or the pain of what you are feeling is too intense, or you need an immediate charge for your spiritual battery? What tool is in your spiritual tool chest or on your spiritual tool belt?

Some of the things that come to mind are a rosary, mindfulness, prayer, reading from a book that has always been a source of energy and strength, a crucifix, a stone, a piece of wood, or a sea shell. Whatever it is – it’s the thing that you always go to that will get your through that minute, that hour, that day. It is the thing that will always center you back to what is spiritually most important to you. The thing that will say “God is in me and I am in God.”

Tool BeltFor the record some of the tools in my spiritual tool chest include a unique rosary, a small piece of cedar, the saying “Let go, let God,” and my wedding ring. I am, however, still trying to find some spiritual duct tape.

So what about you? To paraphrase a current TV ad, “What’s in your spiritual tool chest?”