Following God's call is an adventure, and when we decide to pursue that call (no matter what it is), there's a chance not everyone in our lives is going to understand it! Sometimes I wonder what the families of the first Disciples of Jesus thought when their loved one dropped everything to go off and join Jesus in his mission. That couldn’t have been a popular move!!

Recall the story of the rich young man who asked Jesus what more he could do to respond to God, and went away sad when Jesus said, “Well, if you want more, sell what you have, give to the poor, and come follow me.” What if the young man’s heart wanted to say “YES,” but he feared what others would say? What if he had many friends and just KNEW that they would be shocked, even ridicule such a radical choice? What if his family had plans for his successful future, a family business to take over, a career that would make them proud? What if the voices OUTSIDE of him were just so loud that he didn’t feel strong enough to follow the quiet yearning of his heart?

We can all be intimidated by or swept away by the strong current of society’s idea of what we should do, be, or look like. As we grow, we gradually come to hear a deeper voice that we cannot deny—the voice of God, which is deep in our soul. The call to religious life is one of the most counter-cultural, misunderstood, baffling messages a person can receive. It is 100% a Jesus way of living, his values and priorities, his mission. And it is 100% contrary to the ego-driven lifestyles of a culture that worships power, possessions, and using people for personal advantage.

So dear Questioner, do not be surprised that others would not understand. Just listen with all your heart for the true Voice that knows you and knows what the path of life for you is!