A wonderful question came in recently about a dream in which God was calling the person’s phone while she was asleep! I couldn’t wait to get to this question because dreams have been one of God’s ways of speaking to us from our earliest history! The Old and New Testaments have many powerful dream stories—Jacob wrestling the angel, Joseph’s several critical dreams that reassured him to wed Mary and then flee to Egypt—and many more. So I take dreams as important messengers, always with something to tell us.

Your psyche created this dream—story line, props, action—to give you come clues about what’s going on deep down. Only you can say what the dream means, but if it were my dream, I would wonder about receiving a call from God while I was sleeping (literally not awake to the call). I would also wonder about why the call is only visible (or known) to me. Calls from God are meant for your ears only, and often others can’t see or understand. And it is surely true that we are often sleepwalking through life and we just do not notice God’s call. Perhaps later something wakes us up a little and we see “O, God’s been trying to call or reach me.” I guess we could say it’s like a wake-up call!

What I find refreshing and hopeful about your dream is that you tried calling God back! Yes, yes, yes. Call God back. Let God know that you are now interested in hearing that call when you were more asleep and not willing or able to answer God’s call.

Dear questioner, your dream is full of grace. I encourage you to open that conversation with God through prayer. Your deeper self is telling you it’s time. Don’t be afraid. God calls at the RIGHT time with a message you need to hear.