A Nun's Life at National Catholic Sisters Week

Blog Published: February 27, 2014
By Sister Julie

The first National Catholic Sisters Week is being held March 8-14, 2014, at Saint Catherine University in Saint Paul, MN! As part of National Women's History Month, National Catholic Sisters Week (NCSW) is a celebration of "the good works and good will of Catholic sisters. It recognizes past and present sisters, from the movers and shakers pressing the front lines of social change to the faithful praying in cloistered chapels."

A Nun's Life is going to be there for the launch of this historic event! The road trip to Saint Kate's starts on Tuesday, March 4. We will be engaging with you on social media throughout the launch weekend. If you are in the Saint Paul area, check out the events happening in town. If you are online (and we know you are!) then participate in all the social media goodness that NCSW is generating and help spread the word!

For the hashtag connoisseurs among you, be sure to use #NCSW, #NunsRock, #WomensHistory, and #NunHistory on Facebook and Twitter.

You are invited to come along with us on social media as we Tweet, film, podcast, Facebook, photograph, and write about all the goings-on!! Here's what we'll be doing at National Catholic Sisters Week ... mark your calendars and join us online!

March 4-5  A Nun's Life Road Trip Begins

  • live traffic and weather reports from your favorite A Nun's Life team on the road!
  • photos, videos, and random nun findings throughout the day
  • bonus stops at one of our favorite monasteries and the holy of holies for audio and video equipment acquisition!
  • all on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram!

March 6  @ 5 pm ET  Motherhouse Road Trip Live Podcast

  • more roadtrip news coming to you straight from the nun live-action news van!
  • photos and Vines of the campus of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • 5 pm ET Llve podcast of Ask Sister, Motherhouse Road Trip Edition on aNunsLife.org/live -- special guests from the Sisters of Saint Joseph!

March 7-9  Launch of National Catholic Sisters Week

  • see the full schedule of events at the launch of National Catholic Sisters Week
  • we'll be all over social media throughout the weekend with quotes, photographs, nuns, updates, and all kinds of stuff that will brighten your day and give you a flavor of Launch Weekend at NCSW

March 7 @ 8:15 pm ET  Live Commentary on NCSW Opening Event

  • A Nun's Life Field StudioA Nun's Life brings you to the event itself through insightful and inspiring commentary via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
  • Join with us as we celebrate this historic moment!

March 8 @ 3 pm ET  Live Commentary on SisterStories: How Did I Know?

March 10 @ 5 pm ET  Motherhouse Road Trip Live Podcast

March 11 - 14  History Nun Pinterest Event

  • Check out the debut of "History Nun" Pinterest board featuring Catholic sisters and nuns from history.
  • We've got great archival photos and stories from a variety of congregations.
  • It's like #throwbackthursday every day!

Lots of good things in store, as well as NUNS! What's not to love?! Check out National Catholic Sisters Week and come along for the ride! While you are at it, find a way to celebrate the nuns in your life!

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