Celebrating Religious Brothers Day!

Blog Published: May 1, 2019
By Sister Maxine

Today, we give a special shout-out to our religious brothers! Annually, on the feast day of Saint Joseph the Worker, the Church honors religious brothers and thanks them for their commitment to God’s mission.

Religious brothers are consecrated men who dedicate their whole life to God. They take vows (typically poverty, celibate chastity, and obedience) just as Catholic sisters do. Brothers belong to religious communities of men, just as Catholic sisters belong to religious communities of women.

Religious brothers, like Catholic sisters, are involved in many types of ministries in response to the needs of the world. They serve in schools, parishes, hospitals, social services, and much more. They're committed to prayer and community, and they extend those gifts to the  world.     

There are many communities of religious brothers across the United States. And around the world, there are over 56,000 religious brothers.

So chances are, you’ve met religious brothers or have heard about them! But if you haven’t, we’d like to introduce you to Brother James McDonald (watch video below) and Brother Mickey McGrath (click here for podcast), who've talked with us about their life and ministry as religious brothers. You can also check out lots more information on the Religious Brothers website.

Today, A Nun’s Life gives special thanks for religious brothers around the world as they work to proclaim the Gospel and reflect the love of Christ to the world!

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