Handmade Gifts by Nuns and Monks

Blog Published: September 12, 2016
By The Nuns
Handmade Gifts by Nuns and Monks

Make your gift-giving extra special year round by buying gifts handmade by Catholic sisters, brothers, nuns, and monks. Did you know that you can purchase handmade rosaries, breads, cards, beer, coffee, blankets, prayer shawls, mustard, coffins, and more?! As religious women and men we truly live Saint Benedict's maxim, "Ora et labora" -- "Pray and labor." With every shawl or batch of beer we make, we pray our way through our work all the way to you the recipient.

Throughout the gift-giving season -- and indeed the whole year -- consider buying gifts that benefit the recipient and the religious communities who made the item. Chances are you'll feel gifted too!

In the listings below, you'll also find other items for sale such as books, medals, DVDs, and more that the nuns and monks don't actually make but the proceeds of which help the religious communities and their ministries. 

Let us know if you have others you'd like us to add to the list -- must include handmade items by Catholic sisters, nuns, monks, or brothers and be accessible online. 

Made with Love ... and Prayer

Here's a list compiled with help from the A Nun's Life Facebook community:

All Good Things - ceramic tiles, soaps and lotions, original cards and prints, peace cranes, prayer pillows, and more

Brigittine Monks' Gourmet Confections - fudge and truffles

Cloister Shoppe - Seignadou Soaps, lip balms, candles, books, and more

Gethsemani Farms - fruitcake, fudge, and cheese plus an Abbey Gift Shop with religious items, art, and more

Holy Spirit Monastery Gifts - food items, religious items, and more

Monastery Candy - caramel candies, chocolate-coated caramels, mint candies, chocolate hazelnut candies, truffles, and caramel sauce

Monastery Creations - candles, art, music, soap, and more

Monastery Fruitcake - fruitcake, truffles, and creamed honey

Monastery Greetings - food and drink items, books, CDs, cards, pet items, and more from a variety of abbeys, convents, monasteries, and hermitages; some popular items not found elsewhere:

  • Trappist Preserves
  • Praylines
  • Chimay Trappist Ale

Monks' Bread - bread, spreads, soups, coffee, sauces, dressings, baked goods, mugs, and more

Mystic Monk Coffee - coffee, tea, drinkware, and more

Our Lady of the Angels - Monastery Country Cheese

The Printery House - greeting cards, icons, holy cards, religious gifts, and more

Redwoods Monastery - Monastery Creamed Honey, greeting cards

Sinsinawa Bakery - Mound Bread and other breads, rolls, and fruitcake

Sisters of Carmel - religious goods including custom rosaries using the "build a custom rosary" page

Sophia Center - clay art, including Hearthstones

Subiaco Abbey - Monk Sauce and other food items, religious products, calligraphy, wood carvings, and more

Trappistine Quality Candy - candy and fudge as well as monastic products such as CDs, original icons and Chinese brush paintings, woolen throws, cards, and more

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