Listening with the heart

Blog Published: September 28, 2022
By S. Ana Cecilia Montalvo Villanueva, FSpS
Sr. Ana Cecilia Montalvo Villanueva, FSpS

It was Holy Thursday, 1996. My heart was uneasy, searching for ways to love and serve better. I took part in the Holy Week missions and after arriving for my missionary service in a very poor parish, I felt an impulse to “come alive in mission,” to transform my whole life into service to the kingdom of God.

Then I saw a Catholic sister go by – she was going to do a talk about Holy Thursday. When I saw her pass by, I felt an impulse to be like her. After hearing her message -- inviting us to become “another Jesus,” giving our lives so that others might have life (John 10:10) – I heard a “click” in my heart that said to me, “This is it.”

It was the Holy Spirit that made that “click,” inspiring my heart through the testimony of a Catholic sister. I had the grace to recognize that that “click” was my call – and I said YES to Jesus.

Today I invite you, dear reader, to pay attention for that “click” that you’ll hear deep in your heart – to sharpen your hearing to listen for the Holy Spirit, who loves “clicks” to help us recognize God’s desire for us. And when you hear it, don’t hesitate to respond like our beloved Mother Mary, “YES. Be it done unto me according to thy word.” Remain in that YES and you will never be disappointed because the Lord is faithful, and he will sustain you until the end (2 Thes. 3:3).


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