Monday is NUNDAY with Sister Navya Joseph, CJS

Blog Published: August 31, 2015
By Jane

Monday is NUNDAY! Our friend Sister Julianna Vagnozzi, CSSF, (a Felician Sister) sent us a photo of Sister Navya Joseph, CJS, of the Christu Jothi (Christ the Light) Sisters in India.

Sister Julianna writes: 

"Sister Navya used to work in our care center in New Mexico. They wear a beeswax colored sari--which is appropriate since they are Christ the Light Sisters! I told her she looked like a candle bringing that Light to others. She does social work in her part of India and travels by scooter. I told her I knew some biking nuns who might be envious of her two wheeler!"

We're definitely fans of bikes at A Nun's Life, and we're also big fans of hearing about the many ways Catholic sisters are on mission all over the world! Our prayers are with you, Sister Navya!

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