Nunday is here! Every Monday A Nun’s Life features your photos of Catholic nuns and sisters in an effort to express the beautiful diversity of religious life and to provide authentic images of nuns today.

Brigittine SistersNunday today features a postulant from the other side of the globe. Well, I don’t know if Sweden is exactly on the other side, but it’s pretty far from Chicago! Soon-to-be-Sister Linda is a postulant with the Brigittine community in Sweden. Here she is “basking” in the Swedish autumn grey skies! Writes Linda, “The Brigittines are amazing contemplative nuns, who exude a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and live their religious life with joy and sisterhood.

The community of Brigittine Sisters was founded by Saint Birgitta of Sweden and approved by Pope Urban V in 1370. The Sisters’ life is deeply formed by the monatic tradition and centered around  liturgical prayer. Their ministry is one of prayer, hospitality, ecumenism, and teaching the Catholic faith.

I can personally speak to the sisters’ ministry of hospitality. In 1995 I took my first and only trip overseas to visit England, Scotland, and Italy. Two friends and I spent a week in Assisi at the guest house of the Brigittine Sisters. We slept, prayed, and ate at the Guest House — three of the finest things in life! I can assure you that not only was the hospitality superb, but the meals were out of this world. Some of the best pasta and wine this side of God.

Blessings to you, Linda. Please be assured of our prayers as you continue your journey with the Sisters.