A Nun's Life: Nuns Got Game

I lost miserably to Sister Rachel. Every. Time. It made no difference that she was 30 years older than I. Sister Rachel not only schooled me in the game of racquetball, but she schooled me in what it means to be a class-act competitor. For Sister Rachel, it was a sign of great respect to give it one's all in a game, to bring your best self. The numbers on the board were just numbers. I personally never saw double digits against Sister Rachel, although granted I sometimes saw stars. Only once did I think she might lose her cool. I accidentally hit her instead of the ball with my powerful, unwieldy forehand. She barely flinched (I froze, horrified) and kept going. After every game, we'd head back to the convent and enjoy a beer served in a champagne glass. Sister Rachel was always a class act.

Sister Rachel was one of the women who helped me more easily hear the call to religious life. I thought it was so cool that a Catholic sister was also an athlete. I had always been athletic and into sports (first girl on our grade school football team, thank you very much). Knowing Sister Rachel (and actually a number of nuns in my congregation), were athletes was like a little confirmation from God saying, "Look, it's okay, you can bring your whole self to life as a Catholic sister!"

As we engage in the Olympics this week, I am grateful for all the Catholic sisters and nuns in my life and in the global sisterhood who totally got game!!

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