Top 10 Favorite Nun Moments

Blog Published: September 12, 2016
By Jane

Sister Julie and I had tons of fun as we reflected on some of our favorite moments over the past 10 years of A Nun's Life Ministry. We have 100s of moments but chose only 10 so we wouldn't break the Internet!

1. The Original GoPro

If you've been hanging with us for the last 10 years, it's no surprise to you that a photo featuring the "original" GoPro AND Sister Maxine would make the Top 10. In the early days we didn't have the fancy pocket-sized cameras with fancy attachments, so we improvised. Not to worry, no nun was injured during the filming of those bike rides. Check out other nuncam moments!

2. Chloe the Convent Cat ... and Jane

Chloe the Convent Cat made her social media debut back in 2006 when A Nun's Life first went live (because cats), but we like to think she was a star before cat videos were even a thing. This pic of Chloe with Jane is one of our faves because they look like they're about to be up to some serious mischief!

3. You know you're in a convent when ...

That moment when we realized we could make a photo series out of the totally awesome, amazing, and quirky things found in convents was a moment for the NL history books. This is the picture that inspired that series. You'll find the series on our social presence at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram beginning with the words "You know you're in a #convent when ..."

4. Dancing with the Saints

Why dance with Stars when you can dance with Saints? For our 2013 Fundraiser, our good friend of A Nun's Life, Mariko, created these epic videos. Seriously, where else can you do a jig with Saint María Guadalupe García Zavala?

5. Road tripping in the early days

Ahhh, one of our first road trips! This pic was from back in 2011 when the Racine Dominican Sisters graciously opened their priory and let us in! Get a load of some of that equipment! When we officially launched the Motherhouse Road Trip back in 2013, we basically packed the full-size studio mixer and strapped Sister Maxine to the roof of the car. My how far we've come!

6. Live-tweeting Call the Midwife

Besides being one of the best shows in the history of shows, Call the Midwife is even better when watched while live-tweeting. We gather up the NL team, snacks, kleenex, and cry, laugh, and "awww" our way through every episode while hanging out with our tweeps!

7. Squad Goals

There is no better squad than the NL team. These are the peeps that keep A Nun's Life Ministry going every single day, and we couldn't be happier to be on mission with those who love God, this community, and the world the way they do!

8. Macgyver Nun

Nuns. Is there anything they can't do? From wrenching bikes, to building hospitals, to serving those in need, to whipping up a dinner for 20 (in literally 5 minutes), nuns can find their way around anything! One of our nuns once said, "No is just the first step towards Yes." LOL.

9. The Circus Nun comes to A Nun's Life Studio

In 2014 the NL team hung out with Sister Dorothy Fabritze (aka the Circus Nun) when she came to the studio for an In Good Faith podcast. She then took us to the circus where we watched the show and talked about life over a bag of cotton candy. Need we say more?

10. NunCam moment, number ... well ... we lost count

This video was shot on the Susquehanna Trail before we attended a gathering with 600 other nuns! Don't worry, we didn't bike *all* the way there.

There are so many more moments on social that we could share, but the list would go on forever! Know that it is always so good to be hanging out with you on social, in the chat room, and on the website. God bless!

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