A Nun's Life Ministry developed this guide for those seeking a way to engage with news stories, blog posts, editorials, commentary, etc. in a reflective, prayerful manner that takes account of faith, experience, and context. (April 2012)

How to Do Theological Reflection

  1. What is the background of the person? What is her/his theological framework?
  2. What is the overarching goal of the article? What does the person want readers to think feel, or do as a result of engaging with the article?
  3. What are the points that she/he makes, distilled from any editorializing?
  4. Reflect on the main points.
  • What resonates with you? what do you resist?
  • What dynamic tensions are at work in the main points? (e.g., tension between doctrinal and pastoral articulations of the faith; tension between "liberal" and "conservative," etc.) Say more about the dynamic tension(s).
  • Take the main points to prayer and ask God where God is present in this. Perhaps a quote or image from Scripture or feeling will emerge as you consider this.
  • how does this point fit in your lived experience and in our Catholic faith tradition? (including Scripture, Catholic teaching, the lives of the saints, etc.)
  • What can we take from this that is helpful and can move you/us forward?
  1. What gospel response (that is "good news!") might you offer to others as a result of reflecting on this article?

For more information on Theological Reflection, please see What is Theological Reflection?