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IGF002 In Good Faith with Margaret Susan Thompson

Podcast Recorded: October 7, 2010

IGF002 In Good Faith with historian Dr. Margaret Susan Thompson recorded live on October 7, 2010. Produced by ministry. Our hosts talk with Dr. Thompson about the history of U.S. Catholic sisters and nuns and find out some surprising things.

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Show Notes
  • From broadway aspirations to history scholar
  • History, it’s not about “dead things.”
  • The first sister-President of the United States (and Vice President too).
  • What the lives of pioneering sisters can tell us about living an active live and a life of prayer.
  • What we can learn from religious founders about living a faith-filled life.
  • Sisters caring for the wounded during the Civil War.
  • The impact of Catholic sisters and nuns on U.S. culture.
  • Skeletons in the closet and other surprising tales from religious archives.
  • Habits for apostolic religious — not as traditional as they seem.
  • Revisiting their founding inspiration — lots of surprises along the way.
  • Apostolic orders : are they morphing into Beguines?
  • Prayer: always central to Catholic sisters and nuns throughout the ages.
About our Guest

Dr. Margaret Susan Thompson is professor of history at Maxwell School of Syracuse University, where she also holds appointments in the departments of religion, political science, and women and gender studies. She is a leading expert on the history of Catholic sisters and nuns in the United States.

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