Travel Journal
  • Less than an hour’s drive to Adrian, Michigan, past farmland and small towns. The motherhouse sits at the edge of cornfields, which brings a smile to Sister Maxine, who is from Iowa, the Tall Corn State.
  • Today’s podcast format—Praying with the Sisters, with our guests, Sister Durstyne Farnan and Sister Maribeth Howell. 
  • After prayer, lots of people hang out in the chatroom to visit with us and each other. A young man from the Netherlands is there. He’s discerning Dominican religious life and advanced theological studies, and it just so happens that Sister Maribeth studied in Europe for her PhD in theology and knows Dutch, which is his first language! You never know what will happen in the chatroom!
  • We invite the sisters in the audience to join us on camera as we wave goodbye to the online community, who types their applause in the chatroom like this: ((( )))

Photo Highlights

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Podcast Guest Nuns

Sister Dusty Farnan, OP and Sister Maribeth Howell, OP, were among some of our first Motherhouse Road Trip podcast guests! Both have been Dominicans for over 50 years. To hear two more Random Nun Clips with Sister Dusty and Sister Maribeth, check out: Discerning God's call and Community life.

About the Congregation

Mission Statement: In the mission of Jesus, we Adrian Dominican Sisters discover and identify ourselves as women called together to share faith and life with one another and sent into our world to be with others, bearers and recipients of his love, co-creators of his justice and peace.