Travel Journal
  • On the seven-hour drive from Toledo to Baltimore, we post pics and vids so our online community can ride along on the adventure! #CommunityCaravan
  • Not surprisingly, at the monastery there are many books about Saint Teresa of Avila. Thank you, Saint Teresa, (one of only four women in church history with the title Doctor of the Church) for an incredible spiritual legacy to all who seek God!
  • “Praying for the needs of the world.” During the podcast,our guests Sister Collette and Sister Olivia talk about how prayer is central to Carmelite life and how they stay current with world news to better know the needs of the world. Very heartening!
  • During our time with the nuns, we talk about new ways to use the internet to extend Carmelite spirituality to others. Lots of great ideas!

Photo Highlights

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Podcast Guest Nuns

L: Sister Colette Ackerman, OCD, has been a Carmelite nun since 1964.

R: Olivia Steback and Celia Ashton are soon-to-be novices with the Carmelite community.

About the Congregation

Mission Statement: Written in the architecture of our monastery chapel is the mystery and passion of our community: contemplative presence that longs and yearns for God in ever-deepening intimate relationship, and contemplative care for all God's people, all God's creation. At our heart is intentional fidelity to the tradition of Carmelite prayer, silence and solitude. We commit to live this tradition with contemporary expression in order to break open our heart for sharing contemplation with all who gather around us, to be in solidarity with the poor, wounded, and broken, and to burn with the fire of God's love that can transform our world, our time and age.