Travel Journal
  • We meet up with long-time friends of A Nun’s Life, Betsy and Melissa! Despite the rain as we're on the San Antonio River Walk, we’re in good spirits—it’s awesome to hang out with people we’ve met through our chatroom!
  • At the Incarnate Word motherhouse, we take a tour of the chapel bell tower. We climb the ladder to the top, in our dress clothes and heels!
  • “Called to be God’s love in the world” is a theme on the podcast. Our guests, Sister Germaine and Sister Adriana, share how incarnational spirituality shapes their lives.
  • On the way out of town, Betsy insists (OK, maybe it was us) that we stop at BUC-EE’s, a popular convenience store.It's a more than oasis on a long stretch of highway--it’s a spectacle of snacks and Texas souvenirs.

Photo Highlights

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Podcast Guest Nuns

R: Sister Adriana Calzada, CCVI, ministers in the Spirituality Department at the University of Monterrey, where she accompanies students and groups on missionary experiences in Mexico and abroad.  

L: Sister Germaine Corbin, CCVI, is the Artistic Director of the Extended Run Players, a readers’ theatre company in San Antonio, and has served as a professor in Theatre at the University of Incarnate Word. 

About the Congregation

Mission Statement: We are a dynamic congregation of women religious, dedicated to make real and tangible the love of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, in today's world. We recognize God in every person we meet and respond to the needs of time. We share a life of prayer, mission and commitment in community. We use our gifts to serve those who are most poor and vulnerable. Through our ministries, we seek to transform people and the community by promoting human dignity.