Travel Journal
  • We're huge fans of Catherine McAuley, who founded the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland. One of our fave quotes: “The simplest and most practical lesson I know…is to resolve to be good today, but better tomorrow.” During the podcast, Sister Cynthia spoke more about Catherine McAuley's spiritual legacy.
  • Sister Amanda, one of our guest nuns on the podcast, studied culinary arts and later served as a chef at a soup kitchen. She talked about how listening was a key ingredient of the ministry, and how it transformed her. Very inspiring!
  • We meet up with our friend Amy for dinner after the podcast. She often joins us in the chatroom during the Praying with the Sisters podcast--it’s a treat to see her in person!
  • Hmmm, we probably should've super-sized our rental car....We manage to pack our gear and ourselves into a vehicle that looks slightly larger than a riding lawn mower.

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Podcast Guest Nuns

L: Sister Amanda Carrier, RSM, is a new member of the Sisters of Mercy, currently in her second year Novitiate. She has studied Culinary Arts and is a chef. She also has a degree in Religious Studies, from the University of Dayton.

R: Sister Cynthia Serjak, RSM, is the Director of New Membership at the Sisters of Mercy's Institute Offices. She works with all of the new membership teams of the Sisters of Mercy in the United States.

About the Congregation

Mission Statement: As Sisters of Mercy, rooted in the spirituality of Catherine McAuley, we embrace lives of both prayer and service. In our times of prayer, we recognize God’s mercy in our daily lives and respond by offering ourselves to be a merciful presence and resource for others. We do this through our ministry in parishes, hospitals, schools and universities and in our retreat centers. When we retire from full-time active ministry, we continue our commitment to service of others through prayer, volunteer services or support services wherever we live.