Travel Journal
  • What an awesome setting! As we drive into the campus, we see a conference center, spirituality center, gardens, and labyrinth. There's also a working farm, with a barn, cows, and sheep!
  • We learn that the Villa Marie campus has its own zip code and post office. 
  • After a lively podcast with guest nuns Sister Cheryl and Sister Mary and the online community, we enjoy pizza and cookies with all the sisters.
  • Our system for repacking the equipment after the podcast is working! We arrive home with no more or no less equipment that we left with!

Photo Highlights

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Podcast Guest Nuns

Center L: Sister Mary Slattery, HM, serves an art therapist and counselor with adults in senior housing and with young adults transitioning from foster care into independent living.

Center R: Sister Cheryl Rose, HM, offers retreats and spiritual direction and is involved in vocation ministry with the congregation.

About the Congregation

Mission Statement: Mary's humility inspires us to lead simple lives, and her fidelity to God's Spirit challenges us to be a prophetic presence in the Church and in the world. Today we number approximately 160 sisters whose lives of service are strengthened by dedication to prayer and contemplation. We look forward to a future of continuing commitment and service. We join other religious women around the world through the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and other organizations in order to help create a peaceful world, bring justice for all people, and promote care for Earth. Our commitment to religious life calls us to service and contemplation in the spirit of the Gospels and our traditions.