Travel Journal
  • We fly in over mountain ranges and our propeller plane lands at the small airport in Lewiston, Idaho. It is really quiet here. And beautiful. And it smells a little smoky, which we discover is due to drift from forest fires to the west.
  • En route to Cottonwood, we stop at the Nez Perce National Historical Center. Great info about the tribe’s history and its activities today.
  • The monastery, in the countryside near Cottonwood, was originally built with stone called blue porphyry that came from the monastery grounds. It has an purplish-blue hue that is breathtaking.
  • During the podcast, our guest nuns, Sister Carlotta and Sister Bernadette, talk about silence at the monastery before morning prayer. They explain that "our first words are in praise to God." A great way to begin each day!

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Podcast Guest Nuns

L: Sister Carlotta Maria Fontes, OSB, received her Master Herbalist certificate from the Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA, in May 2007. She regularly leads workshops at the monastery's retreat center and operates the monastery's Nature's Gifts line of herbal soap, lip balm, and salves.

R: Sister Bernadette Stang, OSB, is the assistant prioress at the Monastery and serves on the team at the Spirit Center (the monastery's retreat center). Reflecting upon her ministry, she states: "The best moments are when people are touched by God's grace."

About the Congregation

Mission Statement: Eager to welcome God’s transforming power in ourselves and our world, we seek God together through monastic profession and respond with our core values: Healing Hospitality, Grateful Simplicity, Creative Peacemaking. We are a monastic community that follows the ancient Rule of Benedict. Using early Christian communities as our model, we live out the values of praying together, living together, sharing all things in common, and serving the wider community and one another.