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AS054 Ask Sister – New Years Eve 2010 Edition

Podcast Recorded: December 31, 2010

AS054 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on December 31, 2010. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: angels, nuns exchanging gifts, finding meaning in life, letting go of expectations and control, centering prayer ideas and tips, and more!

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Show Notes

During this special edition broadcast, we discussed 3 of our favorite segments of 2010.

  • The spouse of Christ and other images to view our relationship with God (episode AS039)
  • Chloe the Convent Cat responds to a question about Mickey Mouse (episode AS032)
  • Angels and choirs thereof (episode AS053)
  • We also addressed some of the questions in the book Nuns Having Fun such as: What do you wear to bed? Do you get to choose where you live? What do you carry in your pockets?

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