AS083 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on September 8, 2011. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: God a tempter?!, seeking God, The Mighty Macs movie, name-calling nuns, and more!

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Show Notes
  • Isaiah writes, “Seek God, while God may be found. Call to God, while God is near” (55:6). Does that mean that sometimes God can’t be found or isn’t present to us?
  • Nuns and basketball, really??
  • Would God really lead us into temptation as Jesus’ prayer seems to suggest: “Lead us not into temptation”?
  • The Sisters talk about the new movie The Mighty Macs coming to theaters in October (the movie features our IHM cousins the Immaculata IHM Sisters)
  • What do sisters call each other when they’re not in public? (No need to turn down the volume if young children are in the room…)