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AS088 Ask Sister – Sister Godmother, faithful – or not – to the magisterium, tithing, embracing a vocation

Podcast Recorded: October 13, 2011

AS088 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on October 13, 2011. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: Sister Godmother, faithful-or not-to the magisterium, tithing when the collection plate passes you by, what it means to embrace a vocation.

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Show Notes
  • Can a nun be a godmother, and vice versa?
  • I’ve heard the phrase “faithful to the magisterium.” What does it mean to be faithful–or not–to the magisterium? If not, is that a fast-track to excommunication?
  • Is it okay to give my weekly church donation to other charitable organizations? Is it still considered tithing to the church?
  • How does a person embrace a vocation?

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