AS108 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on April 4, 2012. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: what to do with blessed palms after Palm Sunday, how nuns decide to relocate, a mom desires different life, convent vs. plain old house.

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Show Notes
  • What’s the significance of palms?
  • What should we do with blessed palms after Palm Sunday mass is over?
  • WWJD about the huge number of palms used and the ecological issues that raises.
  • How do nuns make decisions about moving? Does the vow of obedience come into play?
  • Sister Maxine and Sister Julie tell the moving story of their upcoming relocation.
  • A mom asks, Is it possible to live God’s call to religious life while residing with one’s family as a habited nun?
  • Is a sense of failure in life the result of not acting on God’s call?
  • I mentioned something about coming by the “convent” at a certain time and was told “It’s not a convent, just a house.” What makes a house a convent, and vice versa.