AS109 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on May 2, 2012. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: disappearing prayer, Rules that nuns follow, charisms and Constitutions, mom encounters mum nuns, religious role models in schools.

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Show Notes
  • Where did the prayer at the beginning of the podcast go?
  • I hear people in religious congregations speak of a “Rule,” a Constitution, and a charism. Can you explain what is meant by these terms?
  • A reading from the 1920 IHM Constitutions and the current Constitutions.
  • Ways to understand the vow of obedience.
  • Do you ever speak of a particular sister being an example of a “living rule”? If so, what would be her defining characteristics?
  • A mom wonders if she overlooked her calling to religious life when younger. Would her choice have been different if her nun-teachers had talked with her about their lives?
  • If more sisters were teaching in schools, wouldn’t that help get the word out about religious life and increase the number of vocations?