AS111 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on June 6, 2012. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: marathon spirituality, God as running partner, is love necessary for faith, will becoming a nun make you a better person, and more!

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Show Notes
  • How does training for a marathon shape one's spirituality, and vice versa?
  • What's it like to have God as a running partner?
  • What are some connections between the Christian tradition and athletic endeavors?
  • Danielle asks if love is an essential part of faith or if there can be faith without love.
  • Marianne wonders if becoming a nun would force her to become a better person.
About our Guest

Julia Koch joins us in the first part of the podcast to talk about her training for the 2012 Ann Arbor Marathon. Julia lives in Pennsylvania and is running the marathon as a fundraiser for A Nun's Life Ministry.