AS116 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on August 8, 2012. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: 5 good things to hear (and 5 not) when telling people you want to be a nun, can being sexy glorify God, discreet discernment, Secret Agent Nun.

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Show Notes
  • Five things you’d like to hear when telling people you’re thinking about religious life (like, “That’s great – I’m so happy for you!”), and five things you’d rather not hear (like, “I never figured you as nun material.”)
  • I once read about an “apostolate of beauty.” Can being sexy glorify God?
  • I’m not ready to tell my parents I’m thinking about religious life. But the problem is, we have family friends in the congregation I’m interested in, and I’m worried they’ll find out while I am still discerning. What should I do?
  • How flexible is the lifestyle of a nun? Can you be a spy and a nun?