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AS143 Ask Sister - Stealth ponies, recycling habits, struggling with scrupulosity, torn between two loves

Podcast Recorded: July 10, 2013

AS143 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on July 10, 2013.

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Show Notes
  • An encounter with stealth ponies, and a possible new podcast: CowTalk.
  • What do nuns and sisters do with their habits after they are worn out? Or if a nun passes away? 
  • How often does one really commit a mortal sin? I know the three requirements for a mortal sin, but I'm still unsure if I am committing a mortal sin and I'm very afraid of going to Hell. 
  • I'll be spending six months in discernment with sisters, but I'm still in love with a man. Can I be authentic in my discernment when I seem to have two conflicting truths?

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