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AS151 Ask Sister - say a little prayer for you, please pass the salt pillar, Vending Machine God, nun surveillance

Podcast Recorded: January 15, 2014

AS151 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on January 15, 2014.

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Show Notes
  • The sisters' New Year's resolutions--and the spiritual-o-meter.
  • Is it ok to pray for people to quit doing something that's bad for them and everyone around them?
  • Sometimes I have difficulty asking for anything in prayer lest I fall into the trap of thinking that God is a vending machine. Your thoughts?
  • I recently lost a job that I really loved. I have another job, but...I keep thinking of how good I had it. Like Lot's wife, I've turned into a pillar of salt and can't stop looking back. What to do?
  • "Until God opens the next door for you, praise God in the hallway."
  • I was never given a religion when I was younger but I have been Nun Scoping and think it is my calling to become a Nun. Would I be able to do that?


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