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AS168 Ask Sister - Lent update, spiritual gluttony, super-celibate supermodels

Podcast Recorded: March 18, 2015

AS168 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on March 18, 2015. 

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Show Notes
  • Lent Update #1: Giving up the attitude of busyness 
  • Lent Update #2: Rediscovering spiritual practices
  • Lent Update #3: Chloe the Convent Cat finds grounds for holiness in sackcloth
  • Listener desires to fast-forward his reconciliation with God 
    • Tractor beam of God's love  
    • Spiritual direction vs. psychological counseling
    • Is there such a thing as spiritual gluttony
    • Spiritual Direction 911 event
  • Listener shares idea for plan to create super-virtuous supermodels
    • Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome
    • Financial incentives for virtuosity and vows
    • Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford
  • Positive role modeling in the convent

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