AS169 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on April 22, 2015.  Sponsored by ministry. Motherhouse Road Trip with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Silver Spring, Maryland.

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Show Notes
  • Captivated by the charism of the Sisters of Mercy
  • Discerning religious life by way of a theology on pizza  
  • Energized by the spirit of Catherine McAuley, a model for doing what seems impossible  
  • Ministry as a chef at a soup kitchen, where listening is a key ingredient
  • Vocation ministry and meeting new members: “the future coming toward us”
  • The Mercy vow of Service
  • Listener question: What to do if your family doesn’t like the idea of you becoming a nun
  • Debunking stereotypes: the “deer” sisters
  • What it means to live in community in an international congregation
  • Listener question: Are there advantages of being a younger member in a religious community?
  • Listener question: Why are sisters involved in so many different kinds of ministries?
About our Guest

Sister Amanda Carrier is a new member of the Sisters of Mercy, currently in her second year Novitiate. She has studied Culinary Arts and is a chef. She also has a degree in Religious Studies, from the University of Dayton.


Sister Cynthia Serjak is the Director of New Membership at the Sisters of Mercy's Institute Offices. She works with all of the new membership teams of the Sisters of Mercy in the United States.