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AS172 Ask Sister - does being faithful produce a Return on Faith Investment, atheist attracted to religious life, spiritual momentum in Ordinary Time

Podcast Recorded: May 27, 2015

AS172 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on May 27, 2015. Sponsored by Ministry. 

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Show Notes
  • New smart phone with finger print (and nose print and paw print?) security feature.
  • Listener asks why “unreligious others” seem to struggle less and succeed more.  
  • Perfectionism and disappointment.
  • Does faithfulness to God pay off? What is the ROFI (return on faith investment).
  • Listener wonders if she can be a Catholic nun even though she’s an atheist.
  • Listener asks why some long-time sisters still wear a habit when all the other sisters in the congregation wear the clothing of today.
  • Listener confused by all the different religious communities. How can she know which one is for her?
  • Caught in the Ketchup Quandary--or how to make decisions when there’s so much to choose from. 
  • Listen wonders how to regain spiritual momentum in Ordinary Time.

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