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AS175 Ask Sister - are there goth nuns, spirituality of darkness, Internet ups and downs, and more!

Podcast Recorded: August 15, 2015

AS175 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on August 15, 2015. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: are there goth nuns, spirituality of darkness, Internet ups and downs, and more!

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Show Notes
  • The nuns challenge listeners to take the supersized Visitors Survey (  
  • Listener question: can I be a goth and a nun at the same time
  • Re-ordering one's affections as part of vocation
  • Listener question: what does the bible say about a spirituality of darkness
  • Listener question: Why do people use the Internet so much, and is it bad for them
  • Pope Francis and the Internet: "A network not of wires but of people" 
  • "Glocal" community: the local, the global, the Internet
  • A balanced life--online and offline

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