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AS176 Ask Sister - Motherhouse Road Trip with the Sisters of the Monastery of St. Gertrude, in Cottonwood, Idaho

Podcast Recorded: September 3, 2015

AS176 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on September 3, 2015. Sponsored by ministry. Motherhouse Road Trip with the Sisters of the Monastery of Saint Gertrude, in Cottonwood, Idaho.

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Show Notes
  • Signs of religious life...or not
  • Boyfriend blues when joining the Benedictines
  • Ministry as an herbalist, gardener, and computer geek 
  • Spirit Center Retreats, sacred space, and care of the earth
  • The vow of stability: "rooted in this place and with these people"
  • Listener question: How can a person who is not a sister bring Benedictine spirituality into everyday life?
  • Listener question: What surprises have you encountered on the lifelong journey of discernment?
  • Facing challenges: "If God takes you to it, God will walk you through it"
  • Listener question: What suggestions would have have for those of us in a spiritual ebb?
  • Daily Benedictine prayer: "our first words are in praise to God"
  • Listener question: Saint Benedict wrote the Rule for men, so why would women want to live by it?
  • The best thing about life as a Benedictine at Saint Gertrude Monastery
  • Monastery of Saint Gertrude 
  • Nature's Gift Herbal Products
  • Spirit Center Retreats

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About our Guest

Sister Bernadette Stang, OSB, is the assistant prioress at the Monastery and serves on the team at the Spirit Center (the monastery's retreat center). Reflecting upon her ministry, she states: "The best moments are when people are touched by God's grace."


Sister Carlotta Maria Fontes, OSB, received her Master Herbalist certificate from the Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA, in May 2007. She regularly leads workshops at the monastery's retreat center and operates the monastery's Nature's Gifts line of herbal soap, lip balm, and salves.

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