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AS177 Ask Sister - Founders Day; Venerable Henriette Delille; cats, coffee and chapel veils

Podcast Recorded: November 18, 2015

AS177 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on November 18, 2015. Sponsored by ministry. Our guest, Sister Greta Jupiter, talks about Founders Day and Venerable Henriette Delille. We respond to a listener who asks if she wears a veil, will God listen better to her prayers.

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Show Notes
  • Sister Greta Jupiter is our guest in the first half of the podcast
  • Founders Day and why congregations celebrate it
  • Henriette Delille, free woman of color and founder (1842) of the Sisters of the Holy Family in New Orleans 
  • Sisters of the Holy Family ministries in formal education, nursing care for the elderly, housing for low-income senior citizens, and more
  • Sister Greta's vocation journey to the Sisters of the Holy Family
  • On the path to Sainthood: canonization process for Venerable Henriette Delille
  • Sisters of the Holy Family website
  • Listener asks if she wears a chapel veil, will God listen better to her prayers
  • Prayer posture and Catholic liturgy
  • Cats, coffee and other aids to prayer
  • Distracted prayer in the Interior Castle and advice from Saint Teresa Avila
  • Rituals for prayer







About our Guest

Sister Greta Jupiter is the Congregational Leader of the Sisters of the Holy Family, New Orleans, Louisiana.  

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