AS177 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on November 18, 2015. Sponsored by ministry. Our guest, Sister Greta Jupiter, talks about Founders Day and Venerable Henriette Delille. We respond to a listener who asks if she wears a veil, will God listen better to her prayers.

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Show Notes
  • Sister Greta Jupiter is our guest in the first half of the podcast
  • Founders Day and why congregations celebrate it
  • Henriette Delille, free woman of color and founder (1842) of the Sisters of the Holy Family in New Orleans 
  • Sisters of the Holy Family ministries in formal education, nursing care for the elderly, housing for low-income senior citizens, and more
  • Sister Greta's vocation journey to the Sisters of the Holy Family
  • On the path to Sainthood: canonization process for Venerable Henriette Delille
  • Sisters of the Holy Family website
  • Listener asks if she wears a chapel veil, will God listen better to her prayers
  • Prayer posture and Catholic liturgy
  • Cats, coffee and other aids to prayer
  • Distracted prayer in the Interior Castle and advice from Saint Teresa Avila
  • Rituals for prayer







About our Guest

Sister Greta Jupiter is the Congregational Leader of the Sisters of the Holy Family, New Orleans, Louisiana.