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AS178 Ask Sister - ill-mannered monks, The Trouble with Angels and nun movies, does God ignore unprayerful people

Podcast Recorded: December 9, 2015

AS178 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on December 9, 2015. Sponsored by ministry.   


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Show Notes
  • Engaging Advent with the online community, and a helpful webinar!
  • A listener who visited a monastery asks what's up with the monks' bad meal manners
  • A listener wants to give her life to God as a nun feels but feels forced to join a religion  
  • The Trouble with Angels...and with movies that depict nuns
  • Dogma v. dogmatic
  • Ways of associating with a religious community other than becoming a sister or nun
  • Ecumenical communities such as Benedictine Women of Madison
  • A listener wonders if God will ignore her because she doesn't pray much
  • What to expect when returning to church after being away for awhile

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