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AS179 Ask Sister - Year of Consecrated Life, high drama in high school, spiritual pen pals

Podcast Recorded: January 15, 2016

AS179 Ask Sister podcast recorded on January 15, 2016. Sponsored by ministry. The studio is being renovated, so we're bringing you this special pre-recorded Ask Sister episode. For the next livestreaming episode, please check the program schedule

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Show Notes
  • 10th anniversary of A Nun's Life Ministry this year
  • Year of Consecrated Life ends in February 2016
  • Renewal of religious life, gratitude, invitation
  • A listener asks how to deal with high school social drama and find a more meaningful life
  • A listener wonders if there are sisters and nuns who could be pen pals
  • New York and the distant wilderness of Iowa (the home states of Sister Julie and Sister Maxine)
  • The written word as a way to foster relationships

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