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AS184 Ask Sister - snacks at the convent, painful Glorious Mysteries, family mementos, upside down Grandma

Podcast Recorded: April 20, 2016

AS184 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on April 20, 2016. Sponsored by ministry. 

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Show Notes

A Nun's Life celebrates 10 years of online ministry in 2016!

(1:30) Origins of Ask Sister: Nun News Roundup  
(3:35) Primitive soup-can microphones
(6:15) Listener question: Does everyone in the convent have to eat the same food, even if it's not your fave?
(9:00) Snacks--the taste of hospitality
(11:00) Coffee inspires community life
(15:05) Listener question: One of the Glorious Mysteries brings up painful memories for me. Can I sub in another set of mysteries on Wednesdays and Sundays?
(12:22) The nuns' favorite mysteries of the rosary
(19:50) Roadtrip rosary
(21:30) Prayers as an invitation from pain to consolation
(24:45) Elvis Presley sings a rosary song
(25:55) Listener question: Living away from your family at the convent, can you have family photos or other things that remind you of them?
(28:25) Technology connection with friends, family, and #UpsideDownGrandma

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