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AS186 Ask Sister - NunCam bikes again, prayerful church history, gruesome saint pics, being a good Christian

Podcast Recorded: June 22, 2016

AS186 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on June 22, 2016. Sponsored by ministry.

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Show Notes

(1.25) NunCam bikes again, with improved technology.
(3.56) Latest NunCam video.
(5.17) Listener question: Can learning about the Catholic faith and church history be a form of prayer?
(5:40) Prayer as communication with God.
(7:54) Prayer inspired by knowledge.
(14.00) Listener question: I'm named after Saint Lucy, who's depicted in art as holding her eyes on a plate. Why so gruesome?
(15.10) Persecution of early martyrs by Roman Empire.
(18.15) The legend of Saint Lucy.
(28.00) Listener question: I want to be a good Christian but am failing -- what to do?
(30.45) God judging us, and us judging God.
(35.00) Discerning what God wants of us.
(38.00) Sister Julie discerns a call to be an astronaut #DiscernmentDemo

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