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AS187 Ask Sister - speaking in tongues, hipster church music, discontent as a call from God

Podcast Recorded: July 13, 2016

AS187 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on July 13, 2016. Sponsored by ministry.

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Show Notes

(1:30) The start of A Nun’s Life Ministry 10 years ago.

(2:20) Honor a Sister program.

(5:50) Listener asks how to know if you’re speaking in tongues.

(6:25) The gifts of the Holy Spirit.

(9:28) Interpretation of tongues.

(15:30) Experiencing gifts of the Spirit.

(19:34) Listener asks about hipster music at Mass.

(22:00) Liturgical v. other kinds of prayer.

(33:00) Listener asks how to tell if discontentment is due to ingratitude or to God trying to move us along.

(39:00) Spiritual toolbox for working on discontentment.

(45:00) Wallowing in discontentment vs. dwelling in it.


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